Webmaster and SEO Toolkit #2

Tools for website search engine optimization. Great for websites that cater to webmasters who are looking for tools to improve their websites. We have reverse-engineered many popular SEO tools from dozens of webmaster destinations, and are now providing 100% of the source code to you. Integrate them into your own website! More SEO Tools.

Popular search engine optimization tools for your website.

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What's Included

All PHP and Javascript files


Alexa rank checker and Google pagerank checker.

Alexa traffic rank checker, with graphing view of Alexa data.

Broken link checker: scans a web page and checks all of the links to see if any are broken.

View all of your web browser details with a single click.

Domain lookup tool. Shows you the age, speed, pagerank, Alexa ranking, and number of indexed pages for a domain.

Google banned tool. Check to see if Google has banned a domain from showing up in its search engine results.

Google datacenter search tool. Enter a keyword or phrase, and this tool will show Google's search engine results for it from your choice of 32 Google data centers.

Index checker tool shows you how many of your site's pages are indexed in Google and Yahoo.

IP location lookup tool shows the IP location of a domain, and from which country it originates.

Keyword suggestion tool gives you ideas for related keywords that you've already researched.

Link information extraction tool shows a variety of details about links on a web page.

Link popularity tool shows you how many links you have to your site in Google and Yahoo.

Reverse IP lookup shows the IP address that a website originates from.

Search engine position tool shows your website's placement in Google and Yahoo for keywords you enter.

Server status tool shows the HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, and MySQL accessibility status for a domain name.

URL redirect checker shows you if a site is using a redirect, and if so, whether it's search engine friendly.

Visual pagerank checker shows you the pagerank of each page that you have a link to on your website.

Website speed test shows you how fast a specific web page loads.