Webmaster and SEO Toolkit #1

Tools for SEO and PageRank improvement, and for webmasters to assist in site development. We have reverse-engineered many popular tools from dozens of webmaster destinations, and are now providing 100% of the source code to you. Integrate them into your own website! This is especially useful if you are a provider of webmaster services or scripts, or a web hosting company. 2nd set of SEO tools. 3rd set of SEO tools.

Popular webmaster and seo tools for your website.

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What's Included

All PHP and Javascript files


These webmaster and SEO tools are provided as HTML, Javascript, and PHP source code arranged in a manner similar to what you see in this screenshot. There is a common header and footer file in the includes folder, which you can modify to suit your needs. With a bit of HTML knowledge it should be possible to integrate any of these tools into your website. You must ensure that remote URL access (allow_url_fopen) is permitted by your PHP server, and there are no firewalls blocking remote access.

Color and font picker for website BODY tag.

Style sheet (CSS) generator with dozens of options and color pickers.

Advanced style sheet (CSS) generator with less common options.

Style sheet (CSS) validator - by URL or by File Upload. Choose CSS profile and warning level, among other options.

Drop down menu maker.

URL rewriter for .htaccess files. Convert dynamic URLs automatically, even if you're new to .htaccess re-writing.

HTML encryption tool to hide the code that you worked so hard on!

Optimize your HTML for fast page loading.

HTML validator by URL or file upload.

View HTML headers for most websites.

Javascript mouseover maker with dozens of options.

Keyword density analyzer (uses keyworddensity.com).

Link checker and header response tool.

Link extractor: fetch the links (with HTML if desired) from most websites.

Link popularity comparison tool: see how your site stacks up against your competitors.

Meta tag creator. It's essential for good SEO to have good meta tags, and this tool helps to do that.

Meta tag viewer: see what your competitors are using for their meta tags. This can help determine what keywords you should be targeting.

Javascript popup maker (the popup will be a small HTML window with the window.open parameters determined by this tool).

See how spiders (web crawlers like those used by popular search engines) view your website.

Table maker. This can assist when learning how to create tables from scratch.

If you're looking for complex table formatting, you should probably use this more advanced version of the table maker tool.