Create your family tree online, and let your family members all over the world add to it. Includes dozens of viewing options and administrative controls, import/export capabilities, image galleries, dynamic templates, and many more features.

Create your family tree online, and share it with family members all over the world.

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MySQL, PHP, GD Library in PHP


Add Citations to life event like births, deaths, graduations, and other events. The citation feature works very similar to the Personal Ancestral File citation feature.

The "generations" feature shows multiple generations of the family in a clear, tree-like diagram. Males are distinguished as blue links, while females are distinguished as pink links.

Add life events to your family tree, like Baptisms, Graduations, Immigrations, Marriages, and much more.

The links gallery allows every family member to keep a record of their favorite URLs, and share them with other family members.

Add notes to any life event. This is useful if you have a lot of extra information that must be stored with records.

The pedigree view shows the family members in a horizontal layout. This is a very common layout in many genealogy systems.

Search any family tree with multiple powerful boolean search options.

Add sources for records, like immiegration and census records, along with publication and call number information.

TUFaT includes several elegant templates to choose from. These have been custom-designed by professional graphic designers, and are all included with your download.

When many families are present in your tree, TUFaT automatically groups individuals who share the same surname, so that you can quickly browse many records.

Every user in the tree has the ability to add an advanced image gallery, and share the uploaded images with other family members.

With the "find relation" tool, you can quickly find the relationship between any two members of your family tree.

The "What's New" page gives you instant access to the most recently added records.

A password reminder feature is available in case a family member wishes to request access to the family tree. Upon submission, an email is sent to tree administrator, who can then determine whether to grant the user access.

When creating individuals in the family tree, many options are available for storing personal information.

Several levels of password access exist for your family tree, including a "read-only" permission level, so that your guests can view the tree but not modify information.

Several configuration options exist in a config.php file, which allow you to customize some aspects of the display and behavior of TUFaT.

Privacy controls allow you to hide information about any family member, and select which items should be hidden.

The tree administrator can add new logins for your tree, and choose the type of login (read-only, etc.)

Add additional langauges to your tree, and edit any existing language file.

Export your family tree to the GEDCOM file format, for sharing with other genealogy applications.

Import and Export tree portraits as compressed .zip or .gz files.

Import GEDCOM files from other genealogy systems, to help get your new family tree started.

User-Contributed Add-Ons

  Portrait archiving for TUFaT 2.3

Contributed by Darren Gates for TUFaT version 2.3

This is a simple utility for TUFaT 2.3 users to create a tar.gz file of their tree portraits. The resulting tar.gz file can then be used to import your tree portraits into TUFaT 2.6.

  Template source

Contributed by Darren Gates for TUFaT version 2.6

.psd (Photoshop) files for TUFaT 2.6 templates

  Backup Script for MySQL

Contributed by Darren Gates for TUFaT version ALL

Here's a handy little utility to create backups of your MySQL database. Options exist for emailing the backup or saving on the server. You can quickly backup your TUFaT tables by setting the prefix in...

  More Templates

Contributed by Stephen Walian for TUFaT version 2.6

4 more templates for TUFaT. Just add to "images" and "templates" folder as appropriate.

  Upgrade files for to

Contributed by Vijay Nair for TUFaT version

Fix for the search tool bug in

  Update to the upgrade files.

Contributed by Vijay Nair for TUFaT version

A small update to the previously-posted update (from 9/24/04).

  PHP Sessions Checking

Contributed by aTufa for TUFaT version 2.8.0

Some users cannot pass login page after install. That because PHP session does not work on their servers. So, the install routine (install.php) includes now a check for this.

  Bugfix ID-1 for

Contributed by aTufa for TUFaT version

This is a fix for ID-1 bug reported on Forum. Sometimes, appeared records with id=-1 in database. The bug was fixed in edit.php (attached) and you should run fix_id-1.php in order to remove all bad re...

  Bugfix siblings

Contributed by aTufa for TUFaT version 2.8.0

When select Add Sibbling is Male by default and cannot chenged. Now, a radio button with Male/Female appears.

  Bugfix import from Macintosh

Contributed by aTufa for TUFaT version 2.8.0

Some Macintosh users reported importing failures. This was due a PHP function that cannot handle Mac files. Just overwrite attached import_ged.php to fix this.

  SQL Injection protection

Contributed by aTufa for TUFaT version 2.8.0

In case of weak server settings is possible SQL injection against TUFaT. See attached a protection for it. Copy this file into TUFaT folder and add following line into config.php anywhere: require_on...

  2nd Fix ID-1

Contributed by aTufa for TUFaT version 2.8.0

In few rare situations, the bug ID-1 still appears. Attached is the definitive fix for it.

  PAF Compatibilty

Contributed by aTufa for TUFaT version 2.8.0

There are some known issues when data are exported from TUFaT into PAF that are fixed. Just overwrite old files and check PAF Compatibility when export. There are some instructions for correct exporti...

  ID bug in load.php

Contributed by jbtibor for TUFaT version 3.0.9

In load.php spouse, son, daughter and sibling ID was empty in links.

  Pet Theme for Tufat

Contributed by Jason Mead for TUFaT version 3.0.9

This is a Pet Theme for the pedigree side of tufat, Upload the graphics over your exsisting template, But remember to backup first just in case you dont like these graphics, if you want the PSD file ...