Stock Applets

A set of stock and finance applets, inspired by, including: Currency Converter, Two Tickers, Live Stock Quote Feed, Forex Cross Rates, and Stock Indicator Watcher.

Stock Tickers, Currency, and Forex applets that interface with Yahoo! Finance.

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Adobe Flash Player, PHP

User-Contributed Add-Ons

  Email attachment in PHP

Contributed by Nauman for Stock Applets version 1.0

You can send an attachment of cv by form processing into the email address

  New version of gateway.php, which does not use fopen()

Contributed by Darren Gates for Stock Applets version 1.1

This is a new version of gateway.php, introduced in 1.1, which does not use fopen(). It attempts to use CURL functions, but if CURL is not available, it uses fsockopen().