Like phpMyAdmin? Don’t like page refreshes? This tool is for you! Not only can you edit mysql table structures and data, you can also *visually* create foreign key relationships among InnoDB tables. Includes 100% of source code!

Flash replacement for phpMyAdmin. Manage your MySQL database without any page refreshes.

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Adobe Flash Player, MySQL, PHP

What's Included

All PHP files, Installation instructions, 100% of Flash source code (including the .SWF and .FLA files)


phpFlashMyAdmin includes all of the significant table administration features of phpMyAdmin, but without the annoyance of page refreshes.

An external configuration PHP file allows you to set over a dozen options for the display and behavior of phpFlashMyAdmin.

Browse multiple databases, and use an advanced tree-like hierarchy for quick navigation of the tables and databases. You can resize the layout to view more of the table names, by positioning the mouse between the divider, as shown in this screenshot.

Advanced database backup feature, which preserves table integrity when using InnoDB table relationships (a feature not found in phpMyAdmin). Download your backup as a compressed file, and select from any or all tables in your database.

One of the most convenient features of phpFlashMyAdmin is its direct-editing of table data. Simply click in a table cell to edit the record, then click off of it to instantly save the data. By contract, phpMyAdmin requires you to refresh every page to see the effect of edits.

Double-click editing allows you to quickly modify any field... just double-click on any field name to bring up the field properties window.

Set advanced error handling in the PHP configuration files - log table and database errors to an external file, or have them e-mailed to you.

100% of the Flash 2004 Pro. source code is included, including all ActionScript 2.0 class files, all .fla files, and an external style sheet.

Add infinitely many hosts to an external "hosts" PHP file, for quick access to the servers that you work with most.

Advanced table operations are available, including optimization features and table copy, move, and rename.

Unique to phpFlashMyAdmin is the ability to create, update, and delete InnoDB table relationships (requires MySQL 4 or higher). phpFlashMyAdmin includes an advanced relationship editor, with drag and drop functionality.

Change the text of nearly any part of the phpFlashMyAdmin interface, simply by editing an external PHP file.

NEW in version 2.0 - Multi-lingual support. Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, Polish, Russian, French, Italian, Romanian, and Ukranian translations are now available. Easily set the language in the config.php file, and add more languages - or edit existing languages - as needed.

Syntax highlighting for the SQL tab contents. SQL keywords like SELECT, FROM, WHERE, AND, OR are automatically detected and highlighted as bold, colorful text. Also supports smart table popups when typing in the SQL section.

User-Contributed Add-Ons

  Update to getRelationsInfo.php

Contributed by Andrij Rudij for phpFlashMyAdmin version 1.3

Update to the getRelationsInfo.php file (in php folder).

  Fixed: blob update + db backup issue

Contributed by Andrij Rudij for phpFlashMyAdmin version 1.4

fixed Thanks for using phpFlashMyAdmin!

  Updated html file for FireFox

Contributed by Andrij Rudij for phpFlashMyAdmin version 1.2

Corrects the display problem associated with FireFox and FireBird web browsers.

  Updated files for 'preferred databases' feature

Contributed by Andrij Rudij for phpFlashMyAdmin version 1.2

Allows phpFlashMyAdmin to access only specific, "preferred" databases.

  updated .html file

Contributed by Andrij Rudij for phpFlashMyAdmin version 1.2

Small update to phpFlashMyAdmin.html

  2.2 patch for IE

Contributed by RuAnSoft for phpFlashMyAdmin version 2.0

Patch for the IE javascript security warning. Please use with phpFlashMyAdmin 2.2 or higher.

  vBulletin Admin Control Panel integration

Contributed by yoyoyoyo for phpFlashMyAdmin version 1.4

This simple edit allows you to add phpFlashMyAdmin to the Admin Control Panel of vBulletin

  PHP 5 Fix

Contributed by From phpFlashMyAdmin Bulletin Board for phpFlashMyAdmin version 1.4

PHP 5 update for phpFlashMyAdmin

  Patch for 2.2 export feature

Contributed by RuAnSoft for phpFlashMyAdmin version 2.2

Please use this patch to fix the export bug in 2.2

  Another small export bug fix.

Contributed by RuAnSoft for phpFlashMyAdmin version 2.2

Please replace your current file with this one to fix a small bug in the database export/backup feature.

  Minor fix to table_builder.php

Contributed by Darren Gates for phpFlashMyAdmin version 2.5.5

If you've experienced a problem whereby the phpFlashMyAdmin fails to load, try this version of table_builder.php. Some HTTP headers have been modified, which may help some users.

  Fix for the Excel export feature

Contributed by RuAnSoft for phpFlashMyAdmin version 2.5.5

Copy this updated "export_csv.php" file to your "php" folder within phpFlashMyAdmin to fix the Excel export.


Contributed by tarkan for phpFlashMyAdmin version 4.11.3

thank you

Contributed by tarkan for phpFlashMyAdmin version 2.6.0

thank you

  Update for Windows server users

Contributed by RuAnSoft for phpFlashMyAdmin version 2.6.0

If you were getting an error when attempting to install phpFlashMyAdmin on Windows servers (IIS), please try using this patch.


Contributed by florenti for phpFlashMyAdmin version 2.6.0