Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage calculators that you can integrate into your own website. Help customers figure their monthly mortgage payment, show the impact of extra mortgage payments and create an amortization table or schedule. We have reverse-engineered many popular mortgage calculators, and are now providing 100% of the source code to you. Integrate them into your own website!

Popular mortgage and financial calculators for your website.

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What's Included

All PHP and Javascript files


These calculators are provided as HTML, Javascript, and PHP source code arranged in a manner similar to what you see in this screenshot. There is a common header and footer file (which you can modify to suit your needs), a PHP variable for the javascript file path, and essentially all the rest is HTML. With a bit of HTML knowledge it should be possible to integrate any of these calculators into your website.

After-tax interest rate calculator.

Amortization calculator.

APR calculator.

ARM vs. fixed rate calculator.

Armey tax calculator.

Balloon mortgage calculator.

Bi-weekly mortgage calculator.

Blended rate calculator.

Compound interest calculator.

Credit score calculator.

Estate tax calculator.

Home down payment calculator.

How much mortgage is required calculator.

Income required for mortgage calculator.

Investment mortgage calculator.

Lease calculator.

Loan amortization calculator.

Loan deferment calculator.

Loan pre-payment calculator.

Maximum mortgage calculator.

Amount of time it will take to become a millionaire calculator.

Monthly housing payment calculator.

Monthly loan payment calculator.

Monthly loan cost calculator.

Mortgage loan qualifying calculator.

Mortgage payment calculator.

Mortgage points calculator.

Mortgage pre-payment reduction calculator.

Mortgage refinance break-even calculator.

Nominal vs. effective rate calculator.

Rent vs. buy calculator.

Retirement calculator (when can I retire given a particular income).

Roth IRA calculator.

Simple savings calculator.

Tax deferred calculator.

Wealth calculator.

15 vs. 30 mortgage calculator (which type of mortgage is best for you)?