MailMagic HTML E-Mail Creator

This PHP 5 tool gives you a powerful way to quickly create HTML-formatted e-mails that are readable in all major e-mail clients. No more slicing of images into tables! MailMagic also instantly creates a webpage version of your e-mail markup, so that you have an instant landing page to match your e-mail template.

Create HTML e-mails with ease, and with the assurance that they will work in all major e-mail clients.

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The idea of MailMagic is that you send a single, large image as the background, then layer content (links and text blocks) over the background. Thus, the first thing to do is set set the background image and canvas color.

You can add either "text blocks" or "link blocks". Text blocks contain content, whereas link blocks just link a region to a URL. For either type of block, the background color of the block can be set, as shown here. To select a block, double-click on it.

When you double-click on a link block, the "Content Editing" region will allow you to input content. You can drag around any block to re-position it, and adjust the size easily by clicking the re-size handlers (the little squares surrounding the block).

Installation is a snap: just upload to your server and set the "var/projects" folder to be writable by PHP. Your projects are saved as files. A database connection is not required.

When you send an HTML email that you created in MailMagic, you can be sure that the code has been rigorously tested on a variety of email readers. For example, GMail, Hotmail, AOL Mail, Yahoo Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, and Outlook all display HTML emails created with MailMagic exactly as you designed them!

Before you send your e-mail, you can see what it will probably look like with the "Letter Preview" tab. This tab uses the HTML that you should use in the HTML e-mail. At the bottom, you'll see the "View Source" and "View in Top Frame" links that can be used to actually get the content for the email.

Link blocks are just clickable regions that you literally "draw" onto the background image. The region you draw should have a URL and Tooltip (ALT tag) associated with it. Then, that region will be clickable in the HTML email.

Save projects for later editing, and view them in the Project Browser.

The settings menu allows you to snap movements of the link/text blocks to either 5 or 10 pixels, and allows you to dock the control panel to the left or right.

MailMagic generates all the source code for you! Just click on the "View Source" link at the bottom of either Letter Preview or Web Preview (Letter Preview if you need the source code for an HTML e-mail, and Web Preview if you need the source code for a web page).

User-Contributed Add-Ons


Contributed by ghjgfj for MailMagic HTML E-Mail Creator version 1.0.0