With this script, you will be able to host your own forum for inspirational messages, poems, short stories, statements, and anything else you wish. This script can also be easily modified for use as a customizable blog (web log).

Share your poetry and stories online, and allow others to contribute. Includes several advanced templates.

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What's Included

100% of source code - all PHP files & simple installation instructions

User-Contributed Add-Ons

  Leonard Mcghinest

Contributed by David Farnum for Inspirations version 1.5

It's not quite finished but I'll add more and more as I go on. It's a mystery story with the lead part to Leonard Mcghinest. So far after a case he just had finished he was called to meet at a gas sta...

  Login bug fix

Contributed by Darren Gates for Inspirations version 3.0.1

If you had that problem whereby logging in simply re-directs you to the login page, please use this fix. Copy over your "functions.php" file, which is located in the "include" directory.

  Inspirations Mod/Version V3.pd.1

Contributed by Swaroop Hegde (PHP Duo) for Inspirations version 3.pd.1

Read the forum post regarding this version for more information, thanks -- Swaroop

  RSS support

Contributed by Gabi for Inspirations version 3.1.0

If you like to have RSS support (version 2.0) use the 2 files from the archive. Only for new inspirations, no for comments yet.


Contributed by metaRS for Inspirations version 3.1.0

Files for Ukrainian and Russian localization.