html2ps and html2pdf

This script is 100% FREE for commercial AND non-commercial use! Render pages as PDF documents or PostScript files. Options available for FPdf generation, form processing, PDFLib support, and many more! Lengthy documentation is available for developers.

Convert HTML to PostScript or PDF. Supports over 500 HTML and CSS tags and properties.

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PHP, GD Library in PHP

What's Included

100% of the source code

User-Contributed Add-Ons

  Support for https

Contributed by Ryan T. Sammartino for html2ps and html2pdf version 1.6.3

Patch to allow fetching from https://

  Function to convert a local .html file to a local .pdf file

Contributed by Konstantin Bournayev for html2ps and html2pdf version 1.8.1

Here's a function of the form... function function convert_to_pdf($path_to_html, $path_to_pdf) ...which converts a local html file to a local pdf file. For example: convert_to_pdf("./testing/...

  http authorization 4 html2ps and html2pdf version 1.8.0

Contributed by Sven Tantau for html2ps and html2pdf version patch

Zip contains: 'fetcher.url.class.php' (for html2ps and html2pdf version 1.8.0) with small additions to allow http authorization. (user:pass@host)

  Support of CSS text-transform + Fetcher for string of html/css data

Contributed by Dan Krieger for html2ps and html2pdf version 1.9.4

Two new files for fetcher and text-transform Patches for pipeline (includes), box.generic.php and box.text.php for text-transform.


Contributed by deepu for html2ps and html2pdf version 2.0.29


Contributed by kl for html2ps and html2pdf version 2.0.42

  Command line interface and PHP wrapper class

Contributed by James Geldart for html2ps and html2pdf version 2.0.43

Command line extension using the existing web form handler at demo/html2ps.php, allows generation of PDFs from the command line. Have also included a simple PHP static class as a wrapper, which calls ...


Contributed by prashant for html2ps and html2pdf version 2.0.43

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