Create PDF reports from MySQL tables, using a customizable, Flash 7-based layout builder with a powerful, drag-and-drop interface. Save multiple reports under different user accounts.

PDF Reports for MySQL, with a sleek Flash interface (formerly MyPDF).

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Adobe Flash Player, MySQL, PHP

What's Included

All PHP files, MySQL table structures, Installation instructions, ALL Flash Source Code (.swf & .fla files)


FlashReport's powerful layout builder provides drag-and-drop report creation. Anyone who can use a mouse can create powerful PDF reports from their MySQL data.

The relationships section of FlashReport enables you to create reports of more than 1 table. For example, if you have two tables in your MySQL database, employees and departments, with the relationship employees.dept_id = departments.id, the realationships tool would allow you to create a report of all employees, grouped by department.

Several size options are available in FlashReport, allowing you to view reports in several PDF sizes, including landscape or portrait orientation. If none of the pre-defined sizes are what you're looking for, just input your own size into the "W" and "H" boxes.

Save your report structure to the database, for later viewing and editing. There is also a "share" option so that other registered users can use your report as a template.

Password-protect reports via a registration page. All employees in your company or organization can have their own private set of reports, as well as shared reports that all users can use.

When adding fields to the body section of the report, distinguish among the many rows of data by alternating even and odd row colors. This feature is available in FlashReport 2.6.0 and higher.

Set most properties of the FlashReport interface using external CSS properties, like which report sections should be visible, the default autotext values for images and dates, and other default values.

User-Contributed Add-Ons

  Solution for "open_basedir" restriction error

Contributed by Darren Gates for FlashReport version 2.4

If you are receiving the "open basedir" restriction error when you attempt to register in MyPDF, then put this file (Pear.php) in the MyPDF root ... or, upgrade PHP to the latest version.

  Updated XML.php file for Windows 2003 Server

Contributed by Darren Gates for FlashReport version 2.5

Put this in: html/classes/org/active-link/xml (replace the existing XML.php file)

  reportlog.php update

Contributed by Serguei Pisarev and Maksim Galkin for FlashReport version 2.5

Fix for the following bug: http://www.tufat.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=7640

  Spanish Lang File

Contributed by Carlos Bladinieres for FlashReport version 2.5.1

Spanish lang file

  Dutch language files

Contributed by Marco van Oostende for FlashReport version 2.6.1

Dutch language files for FlashReport.

  Ability to pass external parameters to report

Contributed by Robert Johnson for FlashReport version 2.6.1

Simply replace your getSQL.php with this one. Added the ability to put parameters in the filter conditions and pass them in the URL.. In the condition field add the following to identify a parameter...