FlashChat Desktop Skin

This is a skin for existing FlashChat users. Works with the FlashChat socket server, bot system, and IRC commands. Provides a sleeker, desktop-like interface design. Now updated for FlashChat 5!

Enhance your FlashChat user experience with this highly-stylized desktop skin (requires existing installation of FlashChat)

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Adobe Flash Player, MySQL, PHP


Add room feature allows any user to add a public or private room. There is no limit to the number of rooms that can be added.

Lost connection notifications... if your connection to the server is lost for any reason, the Flash client notifies you of this event through a popup window.

Control bar allows changing of user status, and instant access to minimized windows, which appear as icons on the control bar.

English language file allows modification of almost any text in the chat interface.

Sound settings popup allows the user to mute any or all sounds. The sound files are embedded within the chat SWF, but later versions of this chat will allow external MP3 loading.

100% of the Flash 2004 Pro. source code included. Thus, even if you can't find an option for it in the config.php file, you may be able to do it manually through direct editing of the Flash files.

User-defined wallpaper feature allows any user to upload any non-progressive JPG image as a background wallpaper.

Any window can be collapsed for purposes of creating a greater screen area. Or, windows can be minimized to the control panel at the top of the chat interface.

Advanced text panel allows you to instantly change any text in the chat interface. You can also change the language on-the-fly via this popup window. Currently, only a few langauges are supported, but they're fairly easy to add if you have some PHP programming knowledge. Many more languages will be added throughout 2005 and 2006.

The new desktop skin supports the same IRC commands that FlashChat supports, including /back, /backtime, and others.

Since this skin uses FlashChat's PHP codebase, it integrates smoothly with a wide variety of content management systems and bulletin boards. Choose your CMS system in step 2 of the FlashChat installer (refer to FlashChat documentation for details).

Use the admin panel that comes with FlashChat to maintain your chat, including adding/editing rooms, users, messages, connections, bans/ignores.

User-Contributed Add-Ons


Contributed by yavuz for FlashChat Desktop Skin version 1.0.3



Contributed by anton3z3 for FlashChat Desktop Skin version 1.0.3

chat para enfermos mentales en el que ellos puedan compartir sus experiencias,tener un lugar de ocio, re solver dudas yhacer amigos.


Contributed by chat for FlashChat Desktop Skin version 2.0.0