Flash Media Gallery

This is a sleek-looking gallery that will display image, video, and HTML/text content automatically, without updating an XML file (although an XML file is available for other configuration needs). The basic interface design is changeable since the JPG files used in the interface are externally-loaded images.

A great image gallery to use if you frequently add video and JPG images to your gallery, and don't want to always update the XML

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Adobe Flash Player

What's Included

100% of source code, including Flash .fla files, and all files that are used in the demo


Non-progressive JPG images that are loaded into the gallery "content" folder are automatically grouped together into a grid-like image gallery, with pagination at the top of the screen.

Within any subfolder of the "content" folder (where all the gallery content should go), you can individually order items by prefixing the file name with a number, for example 01_about_us.txt or 02_my_music.mp3, etc. Thus, you're not restricted to the default alphabetical listing.

All of the interface icons are fully configurable, since the icons are external JPG files, which are loaded at run-time. Thus, to create a new skin for the gallery, just modify the icons. Please note that they must be non-progressive JPG files.

Flash video that you put in the "content" folder automatically has a playhead and volume control associated with it. This is an adaptation of the TUFaT.com FLV Player flash component.

MP3 files that are added to the gallery "content" folder automatically have a playhead and volume control. You can also set some default text to display on the page above the playhead (by editing the config.xml file).

Page text that is too large to fit on one screen will be automatically scrolled. You can configure the colors and width of the scrollbar in the config.xml file.

Sleek-looking item list with tooltips conveniently orders your "contents" folders and sub-folders into a hierarchical display.

The config.xml file is a text file that you can edit with any good text editor like Textpad, which lets you set things like files to skip, index file, menu display options, and much more!

Over a dozen text and video options are available in the external XML configuration file, so that you do not have to edit the Flash source code.

Over a dozen Flash, music, and image options are available in the external XML configuration file, again so that you do not have to edit the Flash source code to make the gallery look and act exactly as you wish! If an option isn't available here, let us know what you'd like to have added and we'll consider adding it to the config.xml file.