MailMagic HTML E-Mail Creator

This PHP 5 tool gives you a powerful way to quickly create HTML-formatted e-mails that are readable in all major e-mail clients. No more slicing of images into tables! MailMagic also instantly creates a webpage version of your e-mail markup, so that you have an instant landing page to match your e-mail template.

Mortgage Calculators

Mortgage calculators that you can integrate into your own website. Help customers figure their monthly mortgage payment, show the impact of extra mortgage payments and create an amortization table or schedule. We have reverse-engineered many popular mortgage calculators, and are now providing 100% of the source code to you. Integrate them into your own website!


Enhance the power of phpMyAdmin’s export feature, and backup your database(s) and web files automatically using scheduled cronjobs. This script is great if you need to regularly backup your database and/or website files to a remote location, too, since you can FTP your backups to another server, or email them.

GPix Pixel Ad Script

GPix is a FREE yet powerful million pixel script, based on the popular marketing concept of, by Alex Tew, the college student from England who first started this trend. This system requires only a web server running PHP/MySQL, and the ability to chmod files and folders. Be sure to check out the new GPix skins, too! You may also be interested in the all new GLink Word Link script, which is similar to GPix, but uses words instead of pixels.


osDate dating and matchmaking script fully integrates with major bulletin boards (phpBB, vBulletin, etc.) and FlashChat, and provides several payment modules, multiple skins, and free upgrades. The .zip or .tgz downloads below are over 30MB, so please be patient while downloading! Want a different look for your dating site? Check out these osDate Skins.

Now you may earn $100 by contributing your plugins for distribution on this website. Find out how!

html2ps and html2pdf

This script is 100% FREE for commercial AND non-commercial use! Render pages as PDF documents or PostScript files. Options available for FPdf generation, form processing, PDFLib support, and many more! Lengthy documentation is available for developers.


Create a content-managed website quickly, with no programming! Similar to site-builders like Geocities. EasySite is the only layer-based CMS of its kind. That means that all content areas & menus are DHTML layers which can be positioned anywhere!


With this script, you will be able to host your own forum for inspirational messages, poems, short stories, statements, and anything else you wish. This script can also be easily modified for use as a customizable blog (web log).