BC Gallery

Another powerful image gallery, this one with black/white and color thumbnails, and an interesting scrolling thumbnail effect. This is also the only gallery to which one can assign images to categories, with text tooltips.

Advanced Flash 7 image gallery, with a powerful thumbnail bar.

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What's Included

100% of the Flash source code, samples images, and sample XML configuration files.


Category images are fully configurable using external JPG files. Please note that these must be non-progressive JPGs.

Category tooltips are fully configurable... change tooltip text, color, alpha transparency, text color, and enable or disable the tooltips from the convenience of an externally-stored XML file.

Configure the path of all folders - i.e., folders storing gallery images, category images, and sound MP3 files.

All images and categories can be quickly reordered simply by editing the XML configuration file. You can easily add more images, remove images, and change image captions with the convenience of a text editor. Textpad is the recommended text editor: www.textpad.com

The information pages - i.e., those links along the bottom and the text associated with them - are fully configurable via the external XML file. There is no limit to the number of links that you can add along the bottom of the gallery. This allows your gallery to be used as the entire website, if you wish.

Sounds are all externally configurable, and can be easily enabled or disabled. All sound files are stored as MP3 files apart from the primary SWF, and loaded at run-time.

Multiple text options allow you to change any aspect of the text, including font size, color, and alignment. You can also change the background fill colors.

An important feature of this gallery is that TWO sets of thumbnails are required for each image: a black and white thumbnail, and a color thumbnail. The paths to these thumbnails are specified in the XML file.

Multiple different transition effects are possible, including Fade, Blinds, Wipe, Photo, Zoom, Squeeze, and PixelDissolve. There are also a dozen different easing options for each transition effect.

All MP3 files are stored externally for easy changing - you don't even have to know any Flash to do this! Please note that MP3 files should be 64kbps encoded (standard).