An all-new Flash chatroom! This chat uses low-bandwidth AMFPHP technology for maximum efficiency. This script was formerly named AMF FlashChat.

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Adobe Flash Player, MySQL, PHP

What's Included

100% of source code, including all .php files, installation instructions, .swf file, .fla files (Flash source)


Add room feature allows any user to add a public or private room. There is no limit to the number of rooms that can be added.

Advanced administrator panel permits instant viewing of all the room usage and the general chat satistics.

User administration permits instant viewing of users and groups, and enables you to add users quickly. Users can be assigned special permissions, like admin or "spy" permissions.

Quickly view all bans which have been set during chat operation, and unban any or all users with a single click through the admin panel.

Instantly start or stop the chat server, and send broadcast messages to all users in the chat, or all users in any particular room. These actions are one through the admin panel.

config.php file allows you to set over two dozen configuration options. To install the system, you just input your database login information into this file, then login to the chat using admin/adminpass (the default username/password combination, which can be changed after installation via this config.php file).

Lost connection notifications... if your connection to the server is lost for any reason, the Flash client notifies you of this event through a popup window.

Control bar allows changing of user status, and instant access to minimized windows, which appear as icons on the control bar.

English language file allows modification of almost any text in the chat interface.

Advanced group administration panel. Ban or unban users or groups, change permissions of any group for the main chat interface, and also group permissions for admin panel access.

Installation verifier ensure that your chat installation was done correctly, so that you can get up and running fast.

User menu allows block, unblock, invite, chat, and ban (if logged-in as a moderator). Blocked users are designated by a small, red block symbol immediately to the left of the user name.

Sound settings popup allows the user to mute any or all sounds. The sound files are embedded within the chat SWF, but later versions of this chat will allow external MP3 loading.

100% of the Flash 2004 Pro. source code included. Thus, even if you can't find an option for it in the config.php file, you may be able to do it manually through direct editing of the Flash files.

User-defined wallpaper feature allows any user to upload any non-progressive JPG image as a background wallpaper.

Any window can be collapsed for purposes of creating a greater screen area. Or, windows can be minimized to the control panel at the top of the chat interface.

Advanced text panel allows you to instantly change any text in the chat interface. You can also change the language on-the-fly via this popup window. Currently, only a few langauges are supported, but they're fairly easy to add if you have some PHP programming knowledge. Many more languages will be added throughout 2005 and 2006.

User-Contributed Add-Ons

  language italian

Contributed by tiziana facco for Amfichat version 1.0

language italian for amf flashchat. If send me file.fla i translate full chat. thanks

  Dutch Language

Contributed by Alexander Ortmanns for Amfichat version 1.0

Dutch language for AMF FlashChat.

  TTF Font Files

Contributed by Darren Gates for Amfichat version 1.0

Fonts used in AMF FlashChat, for those who want to create new skins, etc.


Contributed by Gabor Szauer for Amfichat version Alpha

Just a quick skin, did it in 2 hours. If you want a custum skin, contact me: And i'll be happy to help. I have yahoo mesenger, screename - mordocai_rp. Please give me some feed...

  Add on audio video fix text chat

Contributed by nicola for Amfichat version 1.0 add on audio video license By daren


Contributed by Gabor Szauer for Amfichat version Alpha

Still mastering skining for AMF Flash chat... If you want a custum skin, contact me: And i\\\'ll be happy to help. I have yahoo mesenger,...

Contributed by Gabor Szauer for Amfichat version ???

The netservicess file needed for skining. Note the skins i uploaded where the first skins That i've done. I can do a lot better. Contact me for costum skins, ~Gabor -

  Sign up form

Contributed by Pha Lee for Amfichat version 1.0

A sign up form for AMF Flash Chat written in Perl.

  Username only

Contributed by klj2000 for Amfichat version 1.0

This for a user that requested an option to take off the password area. User name only now or guest.

  No Guest Login

Contributed by Pha Lee for Amfichat version 1.0

This script will disable guest login. Written in Perl.

  Que onda, Hello

Contributed by Urgent... for Amfichat version 1.0

when they go to translate it to Spanish the AMF Flash Chat, I already buy it but when she goes to have a version in Spanish, that chat is wonderful....

  Swedish Language

Contributed by Andreas for Amfichat version 2.0.5

Here is an swedish translation.


Contributed by Gabor Szauer for Amfichat version final

The first "real" skin i submitted, this is a full skin, with no flaws. Its a gothis looking thing, I call it the dope chat. If you want a custum skin, contact me: And i'll be h...

  Flash chat Spanich

Contributed by luismaster for Amfichat version 1.0

hello to all aqui this the priemera version of the Spanish language for which they requested I cosay to put his chat in Spanish has encuenta that lacks to correct many things haun, the file en.php is ...

  *12a1* - *4rum*

Contributed by Hung-Syber for Amfichat version 2.0


  Hungarian language

Contributed by toro for Amfichat version 2.0

hungarian translation for v2.0 problem with new room alert partialy solved

  Italian language

Contributed by Pasquale Ann for Amfichat version 2.0.5

italian language for amf flashchat 2.0.5

  French Translation

Contributed by Laurent for Amfichat version 2.0.5

French translation for Amfichat, created by a real Frenchy.

  Arabic Language

Contributed by Fahad Al-alawi for Amfichat version 2.0.5

Arabic Language for Amfichat version 2.0.5 you need to add this line in langlist.xml file () to change main login laguage to Arabic change default laguage in config.php to: $CONFIG['defaultLan...


Contributed by Darknight for Amfichat version 2.0.5

Chat Now For Free

  Turkish Language

Contributed by Erhan Duruçay for Amfichat version 2.0.5 e1

eksikte olsa türkçede bulunsun diye yaptým zaman bulursam daha duzgun cevirecegim kolay gelsin

  Danish Language file

Contributed by MicroMy for Amfichat version 2.0.6

danish language file, for amf flashchat