Ajax Chat for FlashChat

This is an Ajax/HTML version of the FlashChat interface, intended for FlashChat users who wish to have a quickly-loading interface. This uses your existing FlashChat architecture, and only provides an HTML version of the interface.

100% of the source files included, for users who wish to have a faster interface than the Flash version of FlashChat. You must already have FlashChat installed to use this add-on. Now updated for FlashChat 5!

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Adobe Flash Player, MySQL, PHP


Use the FlashChat admin panel to administer the chat, since this script is just a skin on an existing FlashChat installation.

A user using the Ajax skin can chat with a user using the Flash skin. Thus, users without the latest version of Flash - or for whom Flash runs slowly - can still chat.

As the main FlashChat, the Ajax skin supports custom user photos, custom background, and room list and chat avatars.

Installation is as easy as uploading three folders - ajax, languages, and templates - to your existing FlashChat installation. No database modifications are needed, and there is no installer needed at all.

The Ajax skin for FlashChat works with FlashChat's CMS and forum integrations. Thus, if you have integrated FlashChat with a system like phpBB or vBulletin, you can use this skin.

IRC commands like /back and /backtime work with the Ajax skin for FlashChat.

Several skins have been ported to the Ajax skin, including Windows XP, Mac OS X, and a few others.

All of FlashChat's existing smilies have been converted to animated .gif files for the popup smilie panel.

The FlashSound API is used to sonify the Ajax skin. Thus, there is a small amount of Flash used in this skin. A small Flash .swf has also been embedded for use with the socket server.

Instantly preview any language. Choose among 5 fonts for the chat interface, all of which have real-time previews.

Privately message among users, as in the Flash version of FlashChat. Private chats can be minimized to the right of the user's chat nickname in the room list.

User-Contributed Add-Ons

  baxerben bo mallpare shad

Contributed by shaq for Ajax Chat for FlashChat version 1.1.4

baxer hatn


Contributed by alban for Ajax Chat for FlashChat version 2.0.0



Contributed by florenti for Ajax Chat for FlashChat version 2.0.0



Contributed by florenti for Ajax Chat for FlashChat version 2.0.0